Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • How do I gain access to the retail shop? What is required to register?

    If you already have a customer service number, simply fill out the registration form on our retail homepage. After submitting your information please allow some time for our staff to crosscheck your details and enable your account.

    If you do not have a customer number, please contact providing your company´s name, address, contact and any other relevant information with regards to your business/project.


  • Initial assortments and display options?

    Please choose „presentation of goods” in our menu on top of the page to be shown a selection of presentation displays, i.e. to start up we recommend a “table display” or “hook slider” with space for 12 varieties or one of our themed assortments. The standard option is our wooden single display rack with the matching basic assortment of 41 varieties.

  • Do you attend any fairs?

    Generally we are represented with a booth at some organic trade fairs in Germany like "BioFach", "Bio Süd" and Bodan and Terra in-house exhibition.

  • Is it possible to visit you? Do you offer an open-door day?

    Unfortunately, due to the current health & safety regulations, we are unable to accept any visitors or offer pick-up service for your order. We are looking forward to welcoming you again soon. For more information please visit our general website regularly.

  • Important notes for online resale/trade

    As a producer of organic products we feel obliged to point out the EU regulation and necessity of holding a certification for selling organic products online. According to the EC Organic Regulation, online trade with organic products has been subject to inspection in Germany since 2008, as it is distance/mail order trade and takes place without a direct sales transaction with the presence of the consumer (compared to a retail shop). Furthermore, we would like to point out that, as stated in our terms and conditions, we strongly advise against selling our products via internet auction platforms and internet marketplaces in order to maintain the quality and ensure the safe use of the seeds.

  • What is the recommended retail price (RRP) and the price group (PG) of the articles? How can I recognise the respective price group?

    The price group (PG) is indicated on the front of all articles in the top right corner. An overview of the corresponding sales prices (RRP) incl. 7% VAT


    PG 1

    PG 2

    PG 3

    PG 4

    PG A

    PG B

    PG C

    PG D

    RRP excl. 7%

    1,73 €

    2,57 €

    2,90 €

    3,93 €

    5,56 €

    7,43 €

    12,10 €

    13,97 €

    RRP incl. 7%

    1,85 €

    2,75 €

    3,10 €

    4,20 €

    5,95 €

    7,95 €

    12,95 €


Questions regarding products and distribution

  • Through which wholesalers may I order Bingenheimer seeds?
    • Germany: Biogarten Handels GmbH, Bodan Verteilerdienst GmbH, Claus Reformhaus Service Team GmbH, Chiemgauer Naturkost GmbH, Dennree GmbH, E. L. D. GmbH, Grell Nachf. Naturkost, Kornkraft Naturkost GmbH , Naturkost Elkershausen GmbH, Ökoring Handels GmbH, Pax an GmbH, Rinklin Naturkost GmbH, Terra Naturkost Handels GmbH, Weiling GmbH
    • Belgium: Biosano bvba
    • Denmark: Local and Global
    • Luxemburg: Naturata
  • Do you offer onion/garlic bulbs?

    For spring we are offering sets of garlic and onion bulbs for organic retailers. You may place your orders as of November, while stocks last. Experience has shown that our contingent is usually exhausted by the end of January. Delivery is set scheduled for early March.

    Onions 1 PU (U05) = 10 nets with 250g each

    Garlic 1 PU (U05) = 5 nets with 250g each

    Important notes:

    - Store in a dry place at room temperature until planting!

    - Bulbs are sent separately to seeds, even if ordered together. Within Germany shipping is €5.95, for any other country the actual transportation costs are applied.

  • Do you offer any other bulbs or seedlings?

    At this point flower bulbs are exclusively available in German. However, to consistently improve our international assortment, we genuinely appreciate your feedback. Should you be interested in offering flower bulbs in any other language for your clients, please feel free to contact us.

    Furthermore, we do not offer any bulbs or seedlings for retail.

  • Do you offer displays free of charge or on consignment with first orders of an assortment?

    We offer a selection of displays, the majority being produced by a community welfare project of the Lebensgemeinschaft Bingenheim carpentry workshop, employing people in need of special care. For this reason we may not offer displays free of charge, however we do pass them on at cost price. Of course, we would also be able to include its cost within the price of our assortments, for your convenience we rather prefer cost transparency and the possibility to refer to projects like the one mentioned above.

  • Do you offer suggestions for product placement?

    Please check the download section for our recommendations per display.

  • Do you offer a BNN3 file or interface?

    We provide a BNN3 list for manual import into your POS system. Unfortunately, we do not offer a BNN3 interface for direct ordering from your merchandise management system.

    Please register/log in to retrieve the file in our download section.

  • Do you offer a list with EAN Codes?

    Please register/log in to retrieve the file in our download section.

  • May I also order other varieties or bulk quantities?

    Colourful illustrated bags for retail are offered in German (around 180) and English/Dutch/Danish (around 80). Other varieties found in our catalogue may also be ordered by stating the item number and quantity in PU in the comments field. These portion bags are WITHOUT product picture, EAN/GTIN number and Euro-hole.

    Bulk quantities (10g, 250g, 1kg etc.) must be ordered separately via our general online shop. Availability and quantity-dependent graduated prices are displayed. Further conditions for retail or discounts are not offered.

    Important notice:

    Due to vastly different customer requirements, the warehouse and shipping for retail are separated both spatially and logistically from the warehouse and shipping for end customers. Therefore, we are unable to offer cumulative shipping, even for joint orders!

  • What is the shelf life of seeds and how should they be stored?
    • Storage: Seeds should always be stored in a cool, dry place and as dark as possible. Therefore, ensure to never expose your rack to direct sunlight!
    • Shelf life: In principle, shelf life is not applicable to seeds, as there is no limit to their usability. How long and well seeds germinate depends on the respective variety and especially their storage. To obtain more information on the germination capacity of individual varieties please check our download section.
    • Germination capacity: While stocks last, we keep reserve samples of each lot. Our seeds are tested periodically, current values may be viewed online.
  • Where would I find product descriptions, master data files and images of all articles?

    The online platform DataNatureoffers free product information and images of our articles in German. For logistic data, description and images of our international product range please contact us via

  • Adhesive hooks

    All products dedicated for resale are provided with a perforation hole (Euro type) to hang up on a standard goods stand. If you are also ordering products from our main catalogue (P bags), we are happy to offer you adhesive hooks made of cardboard (partly plastic), which can be attached to the top of the bag for 1.90 €/10 pieces.

Questions regarding orders and delivery

  • „Last order“ – Sowing and harvesting seasons

    The column "Last order" provides an indication until what date orders are recommended, two weeks thereafter the sowing season for this variety has passed. However, you are obviously welcome to re-order all varieties throughout the year, provided they are available.

  • Is it possible to return seeds? Do you offer goods on consignment?

    As for ecological reasons we exclude chemical processing and returned seeds would have to be diagnostically tested by very elaborate procedures in order to live up to our quality promise. Alternatively, we could only dispose of the returned goods and thus would waste all resources used for their production. Therefore please understand that we do not reclaim unsold goods.

    We are happy to assist with recommendations on storage and other measures to ensure optimised shelf life.

  • Do you offer any discounts?

    For your convenience, we attach great importance to offer the same equal and fair conditions to all trading partners. Regardless of the size of your business or the quantity of your order, we do not offer any additional or special conditions and discounts.

  • Is it possible to add items to an existing order?

    Subsequent changes to an existing order are possible in exceptional cases. If you would like to add something we recommend you contacting us as soon as possible via phone or email We kindly ask for your understanding that this may not always be possible, depending on the processing status of your order.

  • What delivery times should be expected?

    As a rule, during working hours any retail order is processed the same day and passed on to our shipping department. Depending on the availability of particular items and the total quantity, the majority of orders for trade will be shipped within 3 working days. After dispatch you will receive a notification email (with tracking). Thereafter we are unable to influence the duration of your delivery. Please note that seasonally, especially in the months of January to March, there may be delays due to the large number of orders.

  • What is the minimum order quantity and packaging unit (PU)?

    We do not have a minimum order quantity as such. All articles are offered in packaging units (PU), automatically resulting in a minimum purchase quantity per article.

    - Seed bags 1 PU = usually 5 bags, in exceptional cases 20 bags (N20) for special offers.


    Additional items currently only available in German:

    - Seed boxes 1 PU = 3 boxes (N03)

    - Green manure display = 21 boxes (N21)

    - Green manure as reorder item 1 PU = 7 boxes (N07/U07)

    - Flower bulbs 1 PU = 30 boxes (N30).

    - Onions bulbs 1 PU = 10 nets with 250g each (U05)

    - Garlic bulbs 1 PU = 5 nets with 250g each (U05)

  • Which methods of payment are available?

    For your first order we may propose advanced payment, thereafter you may conveniently pay by invoice within 30 days. We ask for your understanding that we do not offer payments by direct debit, PayPal or credit card for retail orders. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. In Germany seeds are subject to the reduced tax rate of 7%. Depending on your business address or the destination taxes may vary or not apply. The applicable tax is stated within your order confirmation, for further information feel free to contact us.

  • How much are the shipping costs? May I collect my order?


    - Free shipping for orders over €200, net €5.95 for orders under €200.

    - Rotatable rack 29,95 €

    - Racks for self-assembly, extension walls, table displays, onion boxes, hook bars and bulbs are € 5.95 each.



    - For orders with delivery address outside Germany, the actual shipping costs will be charged.



    We are glad to announce that we are able to offer the pick-up of your order again. Please arrange a handover at a convenient time between 8 am and 3.30pm with one of our staff.

  • What if I have a complaint?

    Your satisfaction is very important to us, therefore we kindly ask you to report any inconvenience as early as possible. At the latest three working days after receiving of the goods. If approached by your customers with complaints of any kind, you are most welcome to refer them to us and we will take the best care of any further steps directly with them.

For further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us


  • Wie erhalte ich einen Fachhandelszugang bzw. wie melde ich mich an?

    Falls Sie bereits eine Kundennummer für den Fachhandel haben, können Sie sich ganz bequem über das Formular auf der Startseite für den Onlineshop registrieren. Nach der Anmeldung und Bestätigung Ihrer E-Mail gewähren Sie bitte unseren Mitarbeiter_innen etwas Zeit, Ihre Daten nochmals zu prüfen und Ihren Zugang freizuschalten.

    Sollten Sie noch keine Kundennummer besitzen, kontaktieren Sie uns gerne über mit Ihrer vollständigen Adresse, Kontaktdaten und allen relevanten Angaben zu Ihrem Unternehmen/Projekt.

  • Erstausstattung / Möglichkeiten der Warenpräsentation?

    In der Übersicht finden Sie unter der Kategorie „Warenpräsentation“ verschiedene Möglichkeiten der Präsentation unserer Produkte, z.B. die Einsteigervariante „Tischdisplay“ oder die „Hakenleiste“ mit Platz für 12 Sorten bzw. eines unserer Themensortimente. Die meistgewählte Option ist der „Warenständer single“ mit dem dazu passenden „Grundsortiment“ unserer 41 beliebtesten Sorten.

  • Finden wir Sie auch auf Messen?

    Grundsätzlich sind wir auf einigen Messen der Biobranche in Deutschland mit einem Stand vertreten.



  • Kann man Sie besuchen? Bieten Sie einen Tag der offenen Tür?

    Bedauerlicherweise können Sie uns auf Grund der aktuellen COVID-19 Hygiene- und Schutzmaßnahmen leider nicht besuchen und auch leider Ihre Bestellung nicht persönlich bei uns abholen. Wir hoffen, Ihnen bald wieder einen Tag der offenen Tür anbieten zu können. Nähere Informationen finden Sie hierzu auch auf unserer allgemeinen Internetseite unter Termine.

  • Hinweise zum Weiterverkauf unserer Produkte im Internet

    Als Hersteller ökologischer Erzeugnisse sehen wir uns verpflichtet, auf die Öko-Verordnung und die Notwendigkeit einer Bio-Zertifizierung zum Onlinevertrieb hinzuweisen. Gemäß der EG-ÖKO-VO ist der Onlinehandel mit ökologischen Produkten in Deutschland bereits seit 2008 kontrollpflichtig, da er im Distanz-/Versandhandel tätig ist und ohne eine direkte Verkaufshandlung unter Anwesenheit des Endverbrauchers (wie z.B. im Lebensmitteleinzelhandel) stattfindet. Die Kontrollpflicht ist unabhängig von individuellen Vereinbarungen und der Zusammensetzung der Käuferschaft.

    Darüber hinaus möchten wir darauf hinweisen, dass wir, wie in unseren AGB vermerkt, zur Wahrung der Qualität und zur Gewährleistung des sicheren Gebrauchs des Saatguts vom Verkauf unserer Produkte über Internetauktionsplattformen und Internetmarktplätzen dringend abraten.

  • Was ist der empfohlene Verkaufspreis (EVP) und die Preisgruppe (PG) der Artikel? Woran erkenne ich die jeweilige Preisgruppe?